Here are the pictures from my 12 weeks in Africa (and 1 in the UK). The map shows my approximate route, with allowances made for poor memory and clumsiness with the mouse. As many know, I was planning a trip to Eastern Europe, but in trying to get a visa I found out that every employee in the Russian Consular Services seems to be a jerk, whereas the Tanzanian High Commission across the street was filled with incredibly friendly people. So that afternoon I had a plane ticket booked to Africa. So yes, I went to Africa to spite Russia. That'll show 'em.

In short, it was a fantastic trip. I didn't even manage to get sick. I did spend one night vomiting constantly, but that's much less than average for any given 12 week period.

The pictures are mostly of animals and landscapes. I don't feel particularly comfortable taking pictures where local people might be in them. Partly because I feel it might be interpreted as kind of demeaning. "Hey look, you're a spectacle. Nice squalor you have here." Plus I feel a kind of general sort of guilt, flying half way around the world on vacation when lots of people are struggling to get by. Taking a camera out that's literally worth 3 or 4 years wages in some of these places doesn't really help.

As to why I've put the website up...I'm a nerd with a lot of free time. This also allows me to keep all my exaggerations and lies consistent.

As for the poor scanning quality on some pics (dust, lines, etc), if you want to carefully scan each and every one of the ~650 pictures feel free...personally I'll stick to my half assed way.
My usual response to the oft received question "What made you decide to travel?" was "To grow a beard". Here it is after about 2 months, just prior to shaving it.

Mt. Kilimanjaro, some snakes and a Masai village
Wildlife of the Ngorongoro Crater
The Serengeti
Mountain gorillas, Ugandan and D.R. of Congo
Misc. parks in Kenya
Ngorongoro Crater revisited, Lake Manyara and Dar Es Salaam
Malawi, South Luangwa Park
Lake Kariba
Victoria Falls
Chobe Park
Okavango Delta, Hoba meteorite
Etosha park
Cheetahs, rock engravings
Cape Cross seal colony
Sand dunes
Kolmanskop ghost town, Fish River Canyon
Cape Point
Robben Island, Cape Town, Townships
Shark Diving, Table Mountain
Llanfairfechen, and surrounds in Wales
A day in London