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A few people have been bitching that I haven't posted any pictures since I moved to Korea (South'd be surprised how many people have asked for clarification) at the end of April, so I've finally got around to it. No one seemed to complain that I didn't have any pictures of the parliament buildings when I lived in Ottawa. You can see our new home town Ulsan on the map, in the south east.

A hike, snow day,
and Busan cosplay
Cosplay in Seoul
Misc. days/nights out 2010 Body painting festival
Cherry Blossoms Cosplay in Busan
Apr 1/2010 Long overdue update.
Apr 1/2010 Long overdue update.
Oct 11/09 Update
Sept 18/09 Update Sept 9/09 Update
Living in Ulsan Gyeongju
Busan, Including Shark
Dive In The Aquarium
Weekend in Seoul