More Korea - Summer 2009

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Daegu International Bodypainting Festival - is there anything better than mostly naked girls covered in paint? I guess fully naked girls, or fully naked drunk girls. Anyway, mostly naked girls covered in paint have got to be in the top ten.
If you have ever wondered what I look like standing around being awkward and trying not to let my natural perviness shine you go. At least in high school I had math text books to hide my shame.
Luckily I wasn't the biggest perv/nerd with a camera that day. I'm certainly no expert, and unfortunately didn't catch it with my camera, but as a spectator my little hint to anyone thinking of becoming a living statue; scratching your balls ruins the effect.
Gyeongju World - had a pretty good roller coaster, but can't help but be disappointed...the rabbit humping a turtle logo had built up expectations that no amusement park could ever hope to meet

Seriously? Heels at an amusement park?
Odd sort of zoo exhibit, mostly farm animals that you can see at most local markets. And chipmunks, boring ass chipmunks. Then a cage full of monkeys. Monkeys not only picking the gunk out of their privates, but also eating the aforementioned monkey cock gunk. For the record Susan was strongly opposed to posting the monkey pictures. If I had the camera out when the small child puked in front of us, I would have a terifically offensive page.
You can never get enough hello kitty. The lifelike traffic ahead men can be startling at times, especially when they include the animatronic movement.
If you want get to Socks Street, you want to get off the highway at the Underpants Interchange, go three blocks and make a right on Tank Top Avenue. Socks Street will be on your left just past Banana Hammock Road. If you hit the Secret Mormon Underwear Causeway you've gone too far.
Why are the kittens next to the chickens?