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Towards the bottom is my favorite sign from Korea, found on a particularly steep and narrow cable walkway towards the top of a mountain
"No passing the old, the weak, the drunken and the children"
I'm not sure why there are so many old, weak, drunken and children near the top of the mountain, but I do appreciate that the drunken finally get their due. I'm hoping they get priority seating on the subway next, and parking spots right next to the handicapped.

A few more misc. pictures from Korea
-Some really unhappy monkeys in a subway billboard for a colon/anal hospital
-One of the many snacks in Korea that I just don't get
-Our little Matiz II POS...that's right 51 hp of pure excitement, 0 to 100 km/h in only 18.2 seconds
-our signature stamps being made
A very rare snowstorm in Korea. Snowdays are even better as an adult, than as a kid...I think the margaritas helped. A big snow is rare enough that there doesn't seem to be any snow clearing equipment, and even the on-ramp by our apartment was cleared by the residents by hand. At work they got creative, and were pushing garbage dumpsters around with forklifts to clear snow. I think there is incentive to pitch in and clear snow when there is a general inability to drive in it. I'm normally the first to help push out a stuck car, but my patience wears thin when there is underground parking, and yet cars keep getting stuck becuase they want to park right by the entrance to their building. I'll forgive the first guy, but the guy who sees two cars stuck and still goes into park can dig himself out.
A little more cosplay in Busan
Some very belated pictures from the 2009 x-mas party, and some pictures of a hike on Mt. Daedunsan.