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Just misc. pictures from our time in Korea
A foam Party in Busan
I love the dirty look the girl in the red bikini is giving me as though I'm some dirty pervert trying to sneak a picture of her. I'll have you know I'm a dirty pervert trying to take a picture of my wife behind you.
I enjoy the Rob flip book sequence
Rob afraid of the shot being offered by the friendly Koreans
Rob digusted as he forces the shot down
Rob taking a little nap
Rob all rested and sucking on some guy's trunk
Pictures taken by the club...some I would have liked to have taken, but that would likely have gotten me slapped.
A little trouble with Susan's new Susan sized car, followed by a day at the beach for Susan.
Peer pressured to a night out in Busan, complete with midnight swim.
The sign should have been warning of what the route to the toilet involved...I should have just held it until the swim.
A hike just outside Gyeongju.