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Misc. things from Korea. The first are pictures taken during squid season. The entire horizon is filled with the lights the squid boats shine into the water to attract their catch.
My work.
The DMZ. Amazing they've turned it into such a busy tourist trap.
Old timey thingys from Gyeongju.
How I spent my x-mas vacation. Yes that is me on x-mas day standing in front of a big pile of waste from a nuclear reactor. The two layers of coveralls and lead vest add about 60 lbs. in the picture. Some pictures of Ulsan university where Susan took her Korean classes. Then some of Susan's shopping trips to Gyeongju and Beijing. I know the China ones don't really belong here, but piss off, its my webpage and I'll do what I want.
Day in Busan with Kyle.
Some older ones, from the day after Susan arrived in Korea. Seeing weezer play outside Seoul, at the Jisan valley rock festival.