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A few more pictures from another trip to Bulguksa temple, and a couple from the ever so anticlimatic dinosaur footprints on the way back from TongYeong.
The amethyst caves outside Ulsan. Not sure what the Egyptians have to do with the cave, but at least I got to feel up an ice mermaid. I kept wondering, with all the rides scattered throughout the parking lot, how many kids get smoked by cars on the way to the merry go round.
On the way to and from Tong Yeong we found out where all the damn fish come from in Korea. Miles and miles and miles of fish between the ship building.
From Tong Yeong we took a ferry for a couple of hours to a tiny far flung island to spend the weekend...
...unfortunately we didn't have reservations at the only accomodations on the island. Nothing hints at a night of luxury like "my grandma has a room" in broken english. Grandma was very nice, but walking down a hill in the pitch black to use the bathroom can be a pain.
Not entirely sure, but we think that that is a jelly fish washed up on the rocks. When it was served with dinner in cube form the night before we thought it was just the world's worst jello. I spent most my time on the island being extremely hungry. Who would have thought the diet on a small rural korean island would consist of nothing but seafood. The only thing I could actually eat at dinner was lettuce and plain rice.
Ulsan's bamboo forest
A Hyundai Ulsan Tigers Game. I wouldn't worry too much about getting tickets ahead of time, there seems to be plenty of room. I love that even at sporting events you can buy cheap booze, hard boiled eggs, and even have hot water for ramen noodles. Is it weird that I was most aroused by the cheerleaders in pink and green?

More of the little things that are different in Korea. Car seat? Fuck that, if he wants to ride around with his head out the window like a dog,good for him. If anything happens he can go to the castle shaped school for beheaded children
How can that not result in a high percentage of broken eggs? Not sure what "Love for women" has to do with pizza, but the meat lovers special with happy ending is a pretty good deal for 20000 won.

Holiday gift boxes...I can't decide between the animal feet, dried fish, or spam gift pack. All of a sudden socks and underwear don't seem like the worst gift you can get for the holidays.