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Our trip to Jeju. Best place ever to hitchhike. The most we had to wait for a ride was about 3 minutes, and only because we turned down the ride in the compact car that already had 3 kids in the back.
Unfortunately we didn't get to dive. Once the waves started washing the equipment away, we figured it just wasn't in the cards. I also love that in Korea, you can't leave it up to common sense to not wear high heels in a lava tube, you gotta have a sign.
Hiking Mt.Hallasan, South Korea's highest peak at 6400 ft. Definitely the busiest mountain top I have ever been on.
Couldn't dive, so we took a submarine ride instead.
Sullock tea fields. And my one of my pet peeves in Korea...girls always wear sensible underwear. Quite the contrast to the high heels and bikinis they wear at the beach.
Loveland-not sure how to describe it, I think the pictures say it all. Why that dude is getting his picture taken with his baby is beyond me. I think it says something about the culture that gay sex gets an "oh no", but spying on a girl taking a leak gets an "oh yeh". I guess one is a beautiful, natural expression of love, while the other one is dirty and weird. I'm not sure if the "Caution Slippery" sign was part of an exhibit , or a genuine warning. Or both.