A few weeks in Japan for Susan

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I couldnít resist a quick stop in Wakayama , the prefectural capital, to visit another castle! From the train station I got a free tourist bike and off I went to see the castle, gardens and surrounding area. It was a beautiful city that I saw lots of Ė yup got lost again.

Matsuyama has a 19th-century public bath house build over the most ancient hot springs in Japan called Dogo Onsen Honkan. And a castle that has an old rope ski lift that whisks you to the top. And it was only a few stops from Imbe a pottery village. Not to mention cute street cars, shopping and affordable restaurants. I was in heaven!
From Matsuyama I took a ferry to Hiroshima. Not an original planned stop but one Iím glad I made. It was incredible sad and humbling.

Fukuoka was the last stop and where I was catching a ferry to Busan.
Just a few random shots from Canada before I left for Japan.