A few weeks in Japan for Susan

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Kyoto was the highlight of my trip. I could have spent weeks wandering around the temples, museums and quaint shopping streets. I stayed at a great hostel right in Gion that rented bikes for cheap. A bike is the defiantly the way to see Kyoto. I timed it so I was in town for the Kobo-san Market, which was a weird assortment of food, jewelry, clothing all new and used and some a little moldy. I did almost all the temples and gardens in Kyoto and there are too many pictures to explain. I would like to point out the brown building with the pond in front. Its actually a bridge with a sitting area in the middle. Being on a budget (which is hard in Japan) I had my packed lunch here, I shared it with turtles in the pond and enjoyed a rare cool breeze. A perfect Japan afternoon.

I did day in Nara and wished Id spent the night. I was small, peaceful, quiet and strangely full of deer. They were everywhere. Also weird was the American who got caught in a hole in a temple beam. It had to do with squeezing through the whole and living a long life. Not sure what stuck so bad my friends had to pull me by the feet out means.