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A canal town that was very much a Chinese tourist destination, as opposed to one for westerners. It meant we spend a couple of days having our picture taken by the Chinese. I hope this doesn't count as our 15 minutes of fame. I think they need a few pointers from Venice on how to be a canal based tourist trap. I don't remember seeing people in Venice washing there underwear in a bucket canal side at eight in the morning.

If you do go, I definitely suggest the evening boat tour. The ride itself is mediocor, but the boarding is well worth the price of admission. A dock packed with people in a free for all for the next available boat. Pushing and yelling, people leaping on the boat before it has even reached the dock and unloaded its passengers. Even saw someone push a woman holding a baby...not Susan's finest hour.
Kyle was fortunate to turn 18 on an overnight train ride in China. For the record, rice wine (even the good stuff) is an awful awful liquor.