12-04-11 to 12-04-13 - India, Kanha

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Susan's Blog
Our very fancy, very expensive, "tent".
A sloth bear, apparently kind of rare. We were supposedly quite lucky in some of our spottings. At first I thought the guide was just trying to make us feel good, but even the other tourists seem to be a bit jealous. To be honest though, the wild cats and wild dogs seemed a lot like cats and dogs. A little hard to get excited.
Wild dogs. A lot like every other dog.
The first of 4 or 5 tiger spottings.
Some sort of grass cat that I was supposed to be very excited about.
Going on a short elephant ride to get up close and personal with a tiger. It was hard to get many good pictures when we started chasing it through the forest, especially with a squealing Indian woman in front of me.
Back in Delhi.
saying goodbye to our kitchen for the past year, and one of Susan's many pairs of free slippers.