11-10-23 to 11-11-04 - PNG - Vanimo/Wewak/Madang

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Susan's Blog
Waiting out our last few days in Indonesia getting our PNG visas in Jayapura.
The border crossing, where our taxi dispute had to be resolved by the army. Seriously. Don't get Susan started on it.
Wewak. I have never seen so little done with what could have been a beautiful beach front. This place was actually much nicer than the first place we checked out, which we later heard described as "the place next to the landfill in the squatter settlement". It was not nearly as nice as the shipping container hotel that was too expensive for us.
WWII bomber wreck.
Our journey to the highlands.
Our fellow passengers offering us some tree kangaroo, possibly the worst smelling meat on the planet.
Back in Madang later, finally took some pictures of the cool giant fruit bats that fill most of the trees in the city.