11-09-29 to 11-10-07 - Indonesia, Papua, Ahe Resort

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Susan's Blog
Ahe "resort" in Cenderawasih Bay, Papua.
The creepy resident school.
Approximately 1/10th of the pictures of the tree Blaine and Susan obsessed over.
One of the island's cuscus.
Right before we left, one of the dive guides showed up with a baby cuscus he caught in a shirt. I had to search Susan's luggage to make sure she hadn't tried to take it with her.
Susan's big disappointment. She skips a dive, and we see a pod of 30 or 40 dolphins.
A visit to the local village on the island next door.
We were quite surprised to find a pet kangaroo in one of the backyards. If I understood them correctly, it was a tree kangaroo from mainland Papua.
Building the next dive boat.
We woke up the first morning to the sight of the "new" dive boat upside down and mostly sunk.
Susan showing her brave side. One of three screaming chair stands that Susan did in under 24 hrs, upon seeing/hearing/thinking about a mouse.
Our failed first attempt to go see the whale sharks. The equivalent of a flat tire I guess. No good pictures of the stalled engine on log impact, or engine fire from our sucessful second attempt.
Sorong take one, and our introduction to Papuan air travel. Similar to bus travel but without the glamour.
Nabire. Blaine was uber-eager to leave the dirty sketchy hotel...which was one of the better ones in town, and normally out of our usual budget.
To add to Blaine's already tortuous journey, our airline decided to add an unscheduled stop where we had a 2 hr wait and had to change planes. WTF? On the bright side, we met some friendly Indonesians on the same flight who took us out for breakfast and a tour of the mystery layover town.
When we skirt the carry on limits we at least make an effort to hide it. On these flight there were a few people with giant boxes, that the airline seemed to be okay with just storing on passenger laps.
I feel bad that when going through the pictures, I just assumed Blaine had been creepy and taken the stewardess' picture. It turns out it was Susan. I think she liked her snazzy pant ensemble.
When we finally said our goodbyes to Blaine, it was all of about 15 seconds before he was back to take care of the three seperate airport taxes he had forgotten to pay (grand total of about $1.50).