11-09-20 to 11-09-28 - Indonesia, Sulawesi

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Susan's Blog
Seeing the volcanoes of Java for the last time as we fly away.
The Tangkoko reserve in north Sulawesi. The first inhabitants we met were several groups of black macaques. It was all friendly until I tried to take a close up picture of one and it got aggressive. That is when our guide remembered to mention not to make eye contact, which apparently includes sticking a camera in their face.
A cuscus in the distant treetops. Luckily we would see them up close and personal later in Papua.
The main reason we went: the tarsier. The worlds tiniest, and likely cutest, primate. Apparently their eyes are literally bigger than their stomachs. So big, they can't even move them in their sockets. Instead they can rotate their heads almost 360 degrees. Based on the reaction of all the female tourists, the first thing I'm getting if Susan ever leaves me is a tarsier. Like a puppy times ten.
Not so cute tarantula.
Our hotels were definitely way above our usual budget for this week.