11-09-14 to 11-09-17 - Indonesia - Java - Merapi, Bandung, Tangkupan Prahu

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A day spent riding around Mt. Merapi where several villages were destroyed a few years ago by the volcano. It is hard to capture it in pictures, because it goes on for mile after mile. At one point we stopped to ask for directions, in the middle of a wasteland, to a particular village and were told that we were essentially standing on it. Over a hundred houses completely gone...and apparently 3000 cows with them.
It is hard to tell from the picture, but that guy is actually smoking under his load.
Spectacular train ride from Jogja to Bandung
Tangkupan Prahu, just outside Bandung
Me looking thrilled about two hours into the wait for a "we go when we are full" minibus. The only thing that could possible cheer me up is a couple bags of ducks.