11-09-08 to 11-09-12 - Indonesia - Java - Bromo and Jogja

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The only pictures we have of Kuta and Denpasar are of our hotel and some fancy vans. Apparently neither of us felt it necessary to take pictures of root canals and drunken australians.
Interesting begging. The passengers chuck handfuls of change off the ferry and watch the kids dive for it.
Gunung Bromo is spectacular, but the amount of people takes something away. I figure it is about ten years away from matching Niagara Falls in the "Natural wonder turned disgusting eyesore" category. The sunrise pictures are repetitive and not particularly good to begin with, but I want something to show for having gotten up at 3:15 am.
Sleepy James and treestump did not play well together. The stump won.
Jogja water palace, sultan's palace and Kraton.
Yes! We really got to see the actual cheese grater used to grate cheese for the sultan! Since neither of us read Indonesian we really have no idea what the info says about the display. Unless the grater, sock and oven mitts were surgically removed from one of the sultan's orifices, I can't imagine why they would be considered interesting enough to be on display at a museum.
He cries when he kills.