11-08-27 to 11-09-01 - East Timor - Bacau, Jaco, Los Palos, Com, Dili

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Susan's Blog
On the way to Bacau
Pretty pink hotel, that just happen to be used to torture people. We stayed elsewhere because the torture hotel was way out of our budget.
Susan looking particularly thrilled after she decided to get off the bike while it was still moving (slowly through powder).
Jaco beach
Los Palos
You know it is a fancy conference facility when electricity is an optional extra.
I like that the village soccer pitch is across the road from the crocodile warning sign.
Back in Bacau
Back in Dili. You can ask Susan why she insisted on getting her picture in front of Little Pattaya.
The world's ninth largest jesus statue. Don't believe the tourist brochures that hype it as the second biggest. I think Rio's is only about fifth.