11-08-24 to 11-08-27 - East Timor - Same, Betano

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Day #2. Flat tire #2.
The nicest place in town, which means you get power for 12hrs every 2nd day...maybe. And running water...until the tank empties and needs to be refilled the next time there is power.
Much like the Mona LIsa, its eyes follow you no matter where you stand.
Pig in a purse. Mumzy tells me they're "in"

It is sad enough to see monkeys chained and caged everywhere, despite the fact that I hate them (proboscis being the exception), but the christian missionaries poking it with a stick was a bit much. I was happy when the monkey yanked the stick out of her hand...only to see her go get another one to resume her poking.
Around Same.
I really bitched way too much about having to mow the lawn. At least I didn't have to carry a bucket of vegetables on my head, or a couple of jugs of water a few miles.
I can't imagine the remainder of the frog's (third picture) life will be either long or pleasant.
In a country where barely half the population can read, I think it will take more than upside down posters to eliminate corruption.
A do-nothing day on the south coast beach at Betano.