11-08-11 to 11-08-20 - Bali

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Susan's Blog
The cheap way to get from Gili to Lombok.
Walking through some of Bali's many many rice fields.
Trust a woman to menstruate all over a temple and force them to make new rules.
Goa Gajah
Random temple with its own cockfighting ring.
Yeh Pulu
Susan's first go at Batik. The view from some of the Ubud restaurants.
Gunung Kawi
Beshakih - Bali's most important, and irritating temple.
Around Selat.
The next row is our second try at a guesthouse in Ubud. The final row, was the first attempt where they put us in a room attached to one under complete renovation. Nothing like power tools and hammers for a wake up call.