11-07-17 to 11-07-25, Kalimantan

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Kalimantan, the Indonesian part of Borneo. Probably one of the most frustrating and least rewarding places I have ever been. Almost everywhere we go we end of wishing we had more time, where we actually left Kalimantan early. Susan says she can tell if I am enjoying a place by the number of pictures I take. In Kalimantan it seems I only really took pictures of the mines.
We opted to fly from Pontianak to Banjarmasin, instead of spending a couple of days on slow boats. We didn't know that it wasn't assigned seats, once we found out it explained why the woman carrying the baby elbowed Susan in the head to get by her.
The tourist literature refers to Banjarmasin as the Venice of the east because of the canals. Not quite.
Visiting the mines about an hour outside Banjarmasin. It is dirty work, but the workers seemed relatively happy.
The 19.5 hr, 12 hr bus ride to Samarinda. We had to push start the bus everytime it was shut off.
One night in Balikpapan and one in Kuta where we arrived in Bali.