11-07-14 to 11-07-16, Mulu-Pinnacles Trek

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Susan's Blog
A boat ride, with plenty of wading and a stop at some show caves, to the trailhead for a 8.8 km hike to Camp 5 on Day 1. Day 2, the grueling hike to the top of pinnacles. 2.4 km hike each way, with a 1200m gain in elevation. Day 3, was just the reverse of day 1 minus the caves.
Day 2
The view from the top was all worth it. The freak pinnacles, some of which tower up to 160 feet above the trees.
A pitcher plant. They seem to be quite popular so I felt I should take a few pictures.
The cute little shrews that had Susan squealing and refusing to come down form the top of one of the pinnacles.
The climb down was much worse than the climb up. It was so steep and slippery that we had to go most of it backwards.
I did the flat hikes, almost 9km each way, in sandals through the jungle and had no real incident. Trying to take a picture of a lizard in the grass at the camp I did manage to step on a fire ant nest and get a couple of dozen of extremely painful bites. My favorite bite being the one on the bottom of my baby toe, which made every step of the hike back particularly enjoyable. After the hike, I think in the boat, I managed to get a bunch of leeches on my feet. One of them left a sucker in one of the wounds.