25-05-2011 to 26-06-2011, Semporna, Borneo, Malaysia

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Susan's Blog
Our start to our month in Semporna started with a lovely night in KL's low cost carrier airport.
A few of the islands visited diving for fun or during my IDC. Sipadan, Si Amil, Sibuan, Mantabuan, Sibanka, Singamata and Susan's pool (not in the same order as the pictures).
A few reasons that a month is a long time to spend in Semporna.
Some pictures taken throughout the IDC, and playing with a DPV.
A video playing with a DPV (7.9MB)
Celebrating the end of the exam. I stayed home for most of it so I could play with my camera housing, so I'm not sure why there is a series of pictures of Malaysians appreciating Susan's cleavage.
Some pictures taken by Craig and Alex on a few dives.
A video of a sea snake (the creepiest thing under the sea other than me) that Craig took (19.3MB)