11-05-16 to 11-05-20 Myanmar, Bagan

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Susan's Blog
First three lines of pics are taken from our hotel room. A splurge that was well worth it.
If there is one thing that I have learned while travelling, it is that kids around the world are all dicks.
Susan taking a go at making peanut oil.
Mt. Popa, home to many many beggar monkeys. Susan started off with a nervous smile and a few umbrellas for defense and ended the day scurrying and screaming under the protection of a friendly Burmese woman (see Susan's blog for video).
Watching men pave an entire highway by hand makes me much less pleased with myself for having done my own brick driveway (a very small driveway at that).
Day two of visiting the temples was done by bike. This time it was my turn to get the flat tire. It wasn't that bad on the sandy trails...until my handle bars also came loose. It turns out that steering in sand is quite hard when there is only a remote relationship between the direction your handlebars point, and the direction your wheel points. 42 degree heat just added to the fun.
I counted 18 different donation boxes at a single temple, each one for a specific use. My favorite being the one soliciting donations for gold. If you hit me up for donations, at least give a sufficiently pathetic cause. Gold doesn't quite cut it for me.