11-05-09 to 11-05-11 Myanmar, Inle Lake

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A little hint for anyone who may be planning on starting a tour boat business. Clean up any dead cats that happen to be floating by your boat. It can be a little off-putting for your customers first thing in the morning.
They row with their legs, with the paddle in the crook of their arm so they can use both hands to work the fishing nets. This entire country seems to be one big reminder of how lazy I am.
Mile after mile we passed houses on stilts, each and every one them with nothing but a small boat or similar tied up underneath (see first picture) and then we come across the next place, which made me ask myself, "Do Jude and Blaine own a place in Myanmar?".
In Canada we're forced to erect giant walls around the tiniest pool, just in case some idiot child who really should know they can't swim decides to take a dip in your back yard. I much prefer the "go play unattended in the boat" attitude.
To save a bit of cash we shared our boat with a girl from our hostel. She turned out to be from Korea, but I had already guessed that based on the shoes she brought for a few weeks of backpacking through Burma. Susan was actually a bit teary eyed she was so homesick for Korean shoe stores.
I'm pretty sure the Karin tribe no longer exists outside of craft stores in south east asia.
Jumping Cat Monastery. Every now and then some guy puts a bit of cat food out and then hits whatever cat wanders over in the head with a hoop until it jumps a bit. So very sad and unimpressive. Pretty building though.
A picture taken the moment I realized we were destined to get very very wet.