11-05-06 to 11-05-08 Myanmar, Yangon

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Susan's Blog
Enjoying the first of many power outage meals. I think the total for both of us together came to about $0.75.
I was trying to figure out what there is about Obama that someone would use him to market a viagra knock off (presumably without his knowledge), when the thought was pre-empted by trying to figure out who is buying hard-on pills with Mr.Bean on the package...besides Rob. Justin Bieber as a spokesman for stationary, on the other hand, makes perfect sense.
This qualifies and a relatively "new" bus in Yangon.
It is pretty depressing seeing these massive logs constantly going by. On one bus ride a few hours outside Yangon, we passed one spot where the stacked logs literally went as far as the eye could see.
Screw busking, Myanmar has sidewalk cock fights. This particular hostel may not have had the best location.
Sexiest rest stop art work ever. This is essentially what Susan and I look like diving.

Can anyone tell me what kind of freaky fish that is. All I can tell you is that is costs $4 to eat one at the rest stop, and it is kept in a dusty tank behind a filing cabinet by the toilet.