11-05-01 to 11-05-05 Thailand, Bangkok and Pattaya

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Susan's Blog
Didn't do much in Thailand, been there before, and were just getting our Myanmar visas.
The most noteworthy event was the passing of the mighty viking beard. Our route basically consisted of going from hotel pool to hotel pool.
Pattaya....at 10 AM we spotted 23 parasailors up at one time, and this is low season. I was really really hoping to see at least a few of them get tangled, but no such luck. Hmmmm? Do I wan't to go parasailing? Jet skiing? Actually, I think I'll shoot a machine gun.
Fat Old Man + Young Thai Whore = Most Common Sight in Pattaya
A stroll down Walking Street at night is one hell of an eye opener. The third picture in is one of the many cavernous bars that have literally hundreds of prostitutes in, yelling at potential customers. It definitely makes me wonder at the meaning of "Livestock Show" when used in Pattaya.
10 a.m., enjoying a subway sub, and working girls like this are walking through the parking lot. I can't help but picture some recent MBA grad at subway headquarters analyzing demographics and deciding that they absolutely need a franchise in one of the world's premier red light districts.