11-04-24 to 11-04-25 Lao, Vientiane

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Susan's Blog
If you look real close you can see some traffic coming down the same mountain pass we had just crossed. I'll admit I was a little nervous after we had passed our third accident (2 cow related) on the mountain road.
"From a closer distance it looks even less impressive"....the signs don't really try to build up your espectations too much. Somehow even after the signs I was still a little disappointed.
If I was setting up the artifacts at an ancient temple, I'm not sure I would go so out of my way to point the big stone penis at the half naked lady. Who am I kidding, we all know that is exactly what I would do. PS- I had a mind blank and used google to remind me if penis was with an "I" or a "U". Since then my google search bar has autocompleted everything to "penis". I'm pretty sure Susan is going to ask me about that sooner or later.
I couldn't be bothered to read the sign, but I am going to assume the statue was erected in honour of the inventor of gold paint.