11-04-08 to 11-04-21 - Vietnam
Ho Chi Minh and area

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Jade Emperor Pagoda
Out front of the temple they sell baby turtles you can release inside to bring good luck. Seeing how the turtles end up, it doesn't seem like great luck for them.
Writing this about a month after leaving Canada, I find it funny that the only fast food place we have gone in (we went to 3 different locations in Vietnam) has been a Korean burger place, Lotteria, that I hate. But it has air conditioning and ice cream floats, both of which are great when it is about 37 deg. C out.
Notre Dame Cathedral
Reunification palace
Not once, whether it has been at a zoo or travelling through Africa or Asisa, have I ever looked at an elephant and thought that the feet would make a damn fine garbage can. Not that it is any worse then the kangaroo scrotum change purse I once received for christmas. Anyone who knows Judy, knows I'm not kidding about the purse.
Cao Dai temple - agrab bag religion that is only about a hundred years old. Everything I've read mentions the fact that Victor Hugo is considered a saint (along with Buddha, Confucius, Jesus Christ, Muhammad, Pericles, Julius Caesar, Joan of Arc), but nothing I've seen so far gives a real good reason why. Oh well, I guess several million followers can't be wrong.
Chu Chi tunnels. The guide showed a map of southern vietnam that had blobs of colour that appeared to be randomly scattered over it. The different colours showed american bases, areas that people were allowed to live, free bombing areas, fighting areas. Add hundreds of kilometers of tunnels to the mix, and it really does make the perfect mess.
Three of the dozen or so different types of traps on display. I think Macgyver would be proud.
I think our museums should take a page from their book, I'm sure letting tourists pay by the bullet to fire a wide variety of machine guns could bring in some much needed revenue.
Mekong delta and some less touristy floating markets. By that I mean, there are plenty of tourists looking, but no one is interested in selling you anything, it's more of a wholesale market.
It turns out that when she is busy talking, Susan will drink anything I put in her hand. She wasn't thrilled when she found out it had come from the jar full of snakes.
The alleys that the two guesthouses we stayed at in HCMC were located on. The guesthouses were both nice, at least relative to the slight sketchiness of the alleys.