11-03-22 to 11-03-30 Easter Island

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The second day we spent touring the island by car, which had the only AC we had our entire time on the island. Unlike the first day where we only came across and handful of people (but lots of horses), this day we hit tthe big ticket sites and along with them the tour bus traffic. As spectacular as the entire island is, it is much better whn you have the giant head to yourself.

Ahu Hanga Tee (Vaihu) and Ahu Akahanga
Rano Raraku
The quarry where all the heads were made. Hundreds of them lying around, from fully complete to just started. It amazed me that the front side by the entrance was filled with tourists, but the inside of the crater which is only a ten minute walk was empty. We had it cmpletely to ourselves.
Ahu Tongariki
Ovahe, a secluded pink sand beach we had all to ourselves.
Anakena beach, a not so secluded beach we shared with about a hundred other people.
Possibly NASA's least impressive facility.
Had to go back a second time with better directions to find it, but we got into the cave....Meh. I can admit when I am wrong, apparently the entrance was not just on the other side of the horse carcasses.
Had a great end to the day, a giant BBQ (ribs, chicken and fish) that was put on to celebrate the birthday of the owner of the campground.