11-03-22 to 11-03-30 Easter Island

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Susan's Blog
Our fist day on easter island we did what would be our big hike, about 18 to 20 km. Susan's journal has it at 15km, but that doesn't include all the side trips and running from horses.
One drawback of the island is that it is overrun with horses; supposedly 4000 people and 6000 horses. And apparently the horses are dumb enough to fall of the cliffs, since the rocks below were covered in horse bones and the occasional body.
Ana Te Pora

I don't care what the sign says, if I want to bitch slap a statue, I'm going to bitch slap a statue.
Ahu Te Peu
Ana Te Pahu
Ahu Akivi
Puna Pau - Where they made the hats
One of the few things I would have changed in the day...the bottoms fell of both my shoes within the first 2 km of the 20 km hike. Well played Taiwan.