11-08-15 to 11-08-16 - Bali, Tulamben and Nusa Penida

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Susan's Blog
WWII wreck close to Bali's shore
An impressive school of jacks around the wreck.
An electric clam, which really must be the king of the clams...it shoots lightning bolts out of its face. I think, I'm not sure if its the face. There is a short out of focus video on Susan's blog where you can see the electricity shooting around.
Muck diving next to the wreck
The oddly named Manta Point. Quite a bit of surge and surf made for some relatively poor visibility (=crappy pictures). There is also a disgusting quantity of boats, snorklers and divers which we didn't know when we signed up. Mantas are still pretty impressive to see.
After a first dive in Crystal Bay with tons of divers and no Mola Molas (but nice wall dive anyway), we were rewarded with two sightings on the second dive (video on Susan's blog). It seems most of the boats only do a two tank day, so almost everyone had already left with no sightings. This time we had the wall pretty much to ourselves to enjoy a very impressive fish.
Give you an idea of the big draw back of diving here. So many boats full of divers. We were unlucky enough to have what were probably the two worst divers on the boat with us. They claimed to be advanced, which made it odd that the divemaster literally had to hold one of their hands for all of the dives. I couldn't help but take a picture when I looked over to see the DM and the two idiots in a pile on the wall.