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Another long weekend in Tokyo
A few hours north of Tokyo in the mountains, staying at an Onsan (hot springs). 24hr naked co-ed hot springs...the japanese are way more advanced than us.
Our rental car...not the porsche. For anyone who has never driven on the left before...I don't suggest downtown Tokyo rush hour, trying to follow a gps, as the place to learn.

First sight to visit in tokyo this time? anyone who says I ain't cultured can fuck off. Brewery museums count as museums right?
Staying just outside the Tokyo red light district in a reasonably priced Best Western. Finally spotted the panty vending machine.
Not sure what the truck is delivering, but I'd likely buy some.
I'm not sure if it is law or what, but all the man-whores seem obligated to get the same haircut.
Some pictures of the temple next to our hotel, and finally the fishing boats from the air as I flew into Busan at sunset.