misc dumb things

In order: Misc. Bee shots, my majestic watermelon, my facial hair, Chris jumping in a WWF ring on a bet (case of beer). Mark skiing off the roof, an activity in which we all took part, me with the least graceful landing of the day. Giving our cousin a dead fish for x-mas (as you can see he loved it). Some circus sideshow freaks. A crucified santa which ended up on a few lawns. A couple of just generally classy pics.
id03.jpg id04.jpg id05.jpg id07.jpg
id06.jpg id08.jpg id01.jpg id02.jpg
wmisc003.jpg wmisc004.jpg wmisc001.jpg wmisc002.jpg
wfish001.jpg wfish002.jpg wfish003.jpg wmisc006.jpg
wmisc013.jpg wmisc014.jpg butt1.jpg llama.jpg