Patagonia - 14-02-28 to 14-03-01

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For the afternoon we headed to the mainland, first to Dolovan and Gaiman, famous for their tea houses. Something to do with Welsh settlers.
On the way we had a little detour on the outskirts of Trelew. A very new four lane divided road, complete with sparkling roadsigns pointing the way to our destination just ended at what can only be described as an informal dump. It seems presumptuous to install all the signage before the road is actually complete. Making our way back to the old (i.e. actually exists) road, the shanty towns were surprisingly extensive considering it is a city with a population of less than 1000k.
Puerto Madryn was quite nice downtown, complete with beach. Unfortunately our tour was cut a little short when most the roads were blocked by tire fires. Not sure what it was all about, but most people seemed to be just going about their business.
Back on the peninsula the next morning, the sea lions at Punta Norte.