Hong Kong and Macau, Fall 2009

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The bird market and the goldfish market. I'm sure you can figure out which is which.
The feather underwear market?
Temple street night market. I suspect that the giant jesus banner doesn't prevent too many people from going to the "Sauna". Based on the size, I suspect it is just used as a landmark...if you want to know a great place to go for a cheap handjob, just head for the "Jesus is Lord" sign as soon as you come out of the subway.
Sex toys seem like an odd thing to sell on the sidewalk in an open air stall, mainly because normal practice is to bargain for everything. It is hard to imagine a customer with a gimp mask and butt plug wanting to stand on a busy sidewalk negotiating the last $0.10.
Love the truth in advertising on the packaging. If you have a giant asian man bush, this is what this underwear is going to look like on you.
The peak.
Some hong kong whores...not the one on the bench.
Our classy classy hotel.
Surf lessons on the far side of the island.