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Pretty Self Explanatory

A couple of interesting things of note outside the museum. I like the branding of the public transportation....."WELCOME TO TAKE NO.306 BUS OF THE WORKERS VANGUARD". By far the best though, were the several booths selling what appears to be cat and dog skins. Not sure the legality of it, but I would love to take a few back to Canada. A few skins on the front lawn, with a a polite sign reading "We strongly recommend you take your pet elsewhere to shit', and I think it would be the end to the poop and scoop problem we had with the neighbours.

I've heard several supposed reasons for the warriors...army for the afterlife, pure egotism, etc...but I have my suspicions. Seems like a a government make work project to me. Some bureaucrat had a brother in law who owns 20% of a terracotta head factory, and next thing you know it is a matter of national importance that 7000 statues be made and buried in the ground. And to make sure no other region complains, we'll throw in a giant wall so everyone gets a piece of the infrastructure spending pie.

It is also a little sad that over the course of a few generations China went from crafting thousands of life sized distinct statues, to churning out millions of identically poorly made crappy products for wal-mart. I've changed my mind, instead of creamation I would like to be buried surrounded by 10,000 motion sensitive singing plastic fish. I would love to see the know-it-all scientists 2000 years from now explain that when they dig me up.