2012-2013 - Toronto Living

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Susan's Blog
Our 875 sq.ft. of home sweet home after our recent nomadic wanderings.
FYI, the pictures on this page aren't in any sort of chronological order.
Susan and the Hunters celebrating my birthday while I was in Romania working.
Pride parade
The beer festival. Best part about it, we won a trip to Barbados care of Banks Brewery.
Kensington Market, Ikea breakfast, and a Blue Jay's game with the extended family
Toronto Islands, Susan meeting up with the ladies from Korea, and weekend with the Hunters at the cottage
Sandra and Susan at Madonna
Canada's Wonderland
Fundraising Walk
Walking by the filming of the new Robcop movie. Susan's replacement wedding ring...don't ask.
Men Without Hats at Lee's Palace
Susan enjoying Rancid and The Specials concerts without me. Didn't know I would be heading to Romania when I bought them.
Sandra's 40th and Zach's first communion.
Susan's collection of reuseable bags. I'm not sure how good they are for the environment when you have 1000. Rob and Mark out and about on strike.
Royal Winter Fair
Medieval Times
Moving out on our way to Argentina
We weren't the only ones to move. Helping Jude and Blaine finally move their buckets (so many buckets) from the storage units (yes plural) into their new home in Napanee.
And helping Frank and Joan settle into their new place in Brockville.